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I wrote thi article 5 years ago.I'm sure Niether Sensei Dal nor myself are the same people we were back then.

With time comes wisdom, and a complaint from 5 years ago, should not and cannot apply today.Knowing Sensei Dal, he and his dojo has improved every year since this was published, as I know my attitude about All Japan Karate has changed also.

Original review posted by user Jul 11, 2008

I recommend to anyone thinking of joining a karate school, to not join All Japan Karate. I went to the school three and a half years and quit twice because of his questionable business practices. He announced a black belt test was going to be conducted in May of 08 and announced it two months ahead of time. He asked me if I were going to take the test this time and I said, Sure, I guess. He asked me almost every week for until the week of the test and I said yes I'm ready. I had a friend of mine, a former student who quit two months earlier, help me with the Bunki portion of the test and rearranged his schedule with his family to commit to being at the test on test day. I also was given two days of vacation time off the weekend of the test to prepare. 6 days before the test I paid him the $150.00 testing fee, and as he handed me the receipt, said he was going to move the test to next month because he didn't think I wasn't ready.

I asked for my money back and he said there are no refunds on the testing fees. I was so upset and asked him why he didn't tell me earlier, he claimed he doesn't tell anyone because he never knows until the test. I said I had no choice but to take the test in May because the wheels were already in motion. The vacation is set, my friend has already committed to being there, and I had been training almost every day for two months in preparation. He then made me sign a contract stating that he warned me to wait and train more because I may not pass the test. I had no choice, and I took it. I demonstrated everything he taught me over the course of 3.5 years; wrote a 4.5 page essay on the history of karate that corresponded to his questions. (one of the question asked about the qualifying katas for each style and just before he gave me the test sheet, he gave me a slip of paper with the answers to memorize then and there because he never told us in class what they were when I attended.); I did all the kata without error, all the basics, I beat his two best black-belts at sparring, and he still didn't pass me because he said it wasn't, Black Belt Quality. I told him, when a man does his best, what else is there? He told me as I was driving home from the test that I didn't pass. This is the kind of behavior you can expect from Paul Dal. Now he is taking me to small claims court after being 10 days late on a payment of my one year contract, even though I don't attend his school any longer because of his unfriendly behavior and questionable business ethics. He is not a very nice instructor, according to several children who has attended his classes and quit. More than 6 children and two adults had quit attending his classes around the 3 months that I left. They say he is mean. He calls some of his students "***", in Japanese when they make a mistake. He down talks his own students in the national city school district, saying the children's karate kata is such poor quality they don't perform kata during the national city boys and girls club tournaments.

It's also quite suspicious to me that he discontinues his support for certain tournaments after his students don't do well in them.

My experience at this place was very dissatisfying, but I kept going because my goal was to get a black belt, not to be friends with this ***. But that didn't matter, he didn't give me my belt anyway so I had to join another school to get my belt.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #637069

My boys were in the same dojo.This so called instructor is very disrespectful to everyone.

As with other dojos that I have been privileged to be witness of, they give certificates of advancement. He gives nothing only the grade sheet. He does not have the backing of main dojo in Japan (I've written to them.) I could go on and on. I too am much older and much wiser but still would never recommend this dojo to anyone.

He takes pride in suing people.

If you're in San Diego, there is a much much much better one downtown.So, take this review as you want, and decide to join or not, but if you do join, don't say you weren't warned.

to can i get in? Overland Park, Kansas, United States #629213

Martial art do not hit, kick and fight.Any martial arts is the best.

The best, in what you refer is the person or the fighter.

Train and learn everyday.We will be the one.

to Anonymous #629259

no it's in the fault of the trainer, coack, sensei, or master. Ones pontential can only be opened by ones master, and then when the disciple hits master level, then his path is on his own.

to can i get in? #633329

The only person is to blame is the trainee NOT the trainer.The Sensei get , will not force a person to do her/ his best.

He/ she will have to have to do it. It is like this, if I want to get my education. I will have to do it myself. No one but me cares where I will be in 5 yrs.

Do you blame your parent for not getting were you want to be.Just get it.

to can i get in? Columbia, South Carolina, United States #647641

I was a student many years ago.I have seen his bad and good ways.

His bad attitudes, jokes or laugh. Then his good ways, he takes his student to dinner and pay their food.

Us old school students did not choose the bad side of him.We choose our ways.

Pomona, California, United States #595791

I have been a student with Sensei Dal for 8 1/2 years took me 7 years to reach blackbelt it was a long way but it was very satisfying. My ultimate goal wasnt to reach blackbelt, but to get stronger and learn self defense. The belt means nothing, its your will to push yourself to the max. if you cry about someone telling you "baka" ***, how would you take a punch to the face? So if you didnt block my punch, which requires the slightest amount of effort to do so are you going to cry? Black belt don't cry, black belts don't complain or nag about not passing a test, in karate you show no emotions, you just keep trying harder. Why do we fall? So we can get back up?

if your goal is to only achieve a black belt, then go buy one for yourself they are only 15 bucks at party city. Its supposed to be hard to reach the end, no one said it would be easy. If you quit because you failed the test then your nothing more than a loser, because only losers quit.



Well, let me say that I am 47 years old and have seen more than my fair share of mcdojos and the like over the years.

Sensei Paul Dal's karate dojo is the BEST Japanese karate instruction I have ever participated in on the west coast.

I don't say this lightly. Like many of you I have had some awful experiences with karate instruction in Southern California so from bitter experience I know the "red flags" that indicate your training is suspect.

Including but not limited to:

The Gaslamp Dojo on 5th avenue where the so-called 5th degree black belt Goju master didn't know how to fight. We never sparred. So instead he taught us how to massage our feet.

The American Kenpo school in Los Angeles that had us throwing punches to disco music (this is karate?). And had a set of strict dojo etiquette rules for the men to follow and all the female students to ignore.

That particular instructor couldn't even get out of a bear hug applied by one of his own white belt students!

Sensei Paul Dal is the real deal. It is very rare (especially in Southern California) to find a karate instructor that excels in traditional kata, conditioning, kumite, and self defense training.

Plus his dojo is open seven (7) days a week!

Sensei Paul Dal is competent and fair, and I only wish I had a Japanese style karate instructor like him in my younger days.


to David Mitc*** Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #637073

I respect what you say, but have you ever been a part of Hanshi Miki's dojo. Much better. Infact, Dal tried to practice with him, but Miki said no.

to Sarge San Diego, California, United States #645902

Hello Sarge,

I loved the training at Sensei Paul Dal's dojo, but had to pull out due to budget constrictions (it came down to karate training for me or ballet lessons for my daughter so guess who won - lol!).

Anyway the time is right for me to start again but to my shock and sadness I learned his dojo has closed down. :cry Not sure what happened...

However I will be enrolling at Sensei Miki's dojo on Midway and I will let you know how it turns out.

Best regards!


Namyslow, Opolskie, Poland #26571

The comments after this article are employees of his dojo.The belt wasn't important as I explained and you of course insist this is the only reason.

I invite anyone to join and find out for themselves. Within 1 month you will see the red flags. The Chip on thier shoulders, the hipocrisy, and especially the arrogance. I couldn't trust him any more after he pulled those stunts.

Not even including the Black Belt test. You don't have to take my word for it.

Ask the former students who left and went to Japan Karate Organization.see for directions

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